A selection of upcoming concerts

Organ recital in the Leonhardskirche, Basel November 18th 2018 18.15

Organ recital in the Stiftskirche, Stuttgart December 9th 2018 13.15

Organ recital in St Peter, Oberwil (Basel) December 23rd 2018 12.10

Organ recital at St John’s College, Cambridge February 10th 2019 18.00

Organ recital at Southwark Cathedral, London February 11th 2019 13.10

Organ recital in the Heilig Geist Kirche, Binningen (Basel) February 24th 2019 17.00

Orga recital in St Georgen, Glauchau May 1st 2019 12.00

Organ recital in the Universitätskirche, Freiburg May 4th 2019 16.00

Organ recital in the Schlosskirche, Bad Dürkheim June 11th 2019 20.30

Organ recital in St Bartolomäus, Paslek (PL) August 24th 2019